Ettington Community
First Responder Scheme
Providing first-response emergency medical care in the Stourdene region of South Warwickshire in partnership with West Midlands Ambulance Service

Donate by Text Message

To donate via SMS please send a text message with ECFR11 £N to 70070 where N is the amount that you wish to donate.

For example to make a donation of £5, please type ECFR11 £5 as your text message and then send it to 70070. Your donation will be included in your mobile telephone bill.  For the avoidance of doubt, 11 is eleven, not LL.

Please note our Acknowledgement and Supporters Recognition policy, here.

Add Gift Aid - If you are a UK tax payer we can collect an additional amount equivalent to the basic rate of income tax applied to your donation.  This is called Gift Aid and is a benefit available to us at no additional cost to yourself.  Please read here how to enable us to take advantage of this facility.