Ettington Community
First Responder Scheme
Providing first-response emergency medical care in the Stourdene region of South Warwickshire in partnership with West Midlands Ambulance Service

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Following are the ways that you can support our service by donating to us: 

Please see here for our Acknowledgement and Supporters Recognition Policy.

Like all Community First Responder teams in the UK, we are funded entirely by public donations and other community funding initiatives.  Keeping ourselves funded and financially viable is a constant task with much of the activity being labour intensive.  This is, of course on top of our primary role of providing emergency medical care.

It costs about £1,200 to equip each of our Community First Responders (CFRs) with a full set of equipment.  Once the equipment has been purchased there are the ongoing costs of maintenance and consumables such as defibrillator pads that can only be used once.  There are also the costs of purchasing additional equipment as more CFRs join the team and of keeping the scheme car operational.

Thank you sincerely for your support.