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We are a group of volunteers who provide first-response medical care in the Stourdene region of South Warwickshire and beyond. We respond to 999 calls in partnership with West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust.

Community First Responder Schemes are teams of volunteers trained by ambulance services to a nationally recognised level that enables them to provide lifesaving treatment to people in their local communities. Community First Responders (CFRs) are always backed up by the nearest available emergency resource.

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Ettington Community First Responder Team
Ettington Community First Responder Team3 weeks ago
🥰Happy Valentines Day 💝
Loving the Valentines wooly items spotted around Kineton.
🥸👀Had the chance to take a proper look at them this morning whilst searching for our missing cone from next to the ambulance response car?! 🚧

🤣 FYI- You missed our Ring doorbell... 🤦🏼 if you fancy returning it please feel free. 😁

#nightshift #turningoutforashout #FightingCovid19 #CommunityFirstResponders #smallcharitieschallenge #999oncall #community
Ettington Community First Responder Team
Ettington Community First Responder Team3 weeks ago
🚑You have until midnight tonight (11/02/2021) to apply to be a Community First Responder with us! If you live in Tysoe, Ettington, Kineton, Wellesbourne or surrounding villages we want you applications! 🤓

Please make sure you look back on our page and read the original post about this role as there are numerous important details in their to take account of.

If you are applying, or have, please ensure you contact us to let us know!

#community #communityfirstresponders #cfrs #turningoutforashout #smallcharitieschallenge #FightingCovid19 #999oncall
Ettington Community First Responder Team
Ettington Community First Responder Team4 weeks ago
This time next week we will be in the Co-Op car park carrying out a COVID safe ❤️Valentine's❤️ collection for the local community. We would love you to come along and say hello, have a chat with us about our plans for fundraising this year, and pop some money in our buckets.

See the event on our Facebook page for more info.

Show your love for your community and your local, friendly Lions! We’d love to see you there!

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We receive no funding from central sources and rely entirely on donations and fund raising in order to provide the service to our communities. The volunteers give their time freely for all of the schemes activities.

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