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First incident attended by Ettington Community First Responder team

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Following the launch of the Ettington CFR Scheme on 1 June 2009, one of the Ettington First Responders has attended the scheme’s first incident. The duty (on call) First Responder received a callout from the Ambulance Service on the afternoon of 9th June. The First Responder received a text and phone call from the Ambulance Service Control (Operations Centre) in direct response to a ‘Category A’ 999 call made in Ettington and was on scene 38 seconds after leaving home. This response time clearly demonstrates the value of the scheme. We’re pleased to report that, following the initial attendance by the First Responder, the patient was treated by the Ambulance crew and did not require hospitalisation.

In the first ten days of the scheme’s launch, Ettington First Responders have received three callouts. In the first two cases, no attendance by the First Responders was subsequently required. In the first case, an ambulance crew was very close at the time and was able to get to the scene quickly enough not to require the First Responder to attend. In the second case, our First Responders were alerted but the 999 caller subsequently cancelled the ambulance and, as a result, the duty First Responder was asked to stand-down.