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Pure Recycling makes a £200 donation to Ettington CFR Scheme

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Ettington CFR team are delighted to announce a substantial donation from local firm, Pure Recycling. Mathew Gibbon, Sales and Marketing Director of Pure presented a cheque for £200 to Paul Mulligan, Chairman of the Ettington First Responder Team.

Matthew said “I have read your request for funding for the First Responder Service with great interest. It is a remarkable service that is needed greatly in rural areas and as a local company we would be delighted to support the initiative”

Paul said ” This is absolutely fantastic, our first donation from a local business. The Ettington CFR team would like to sincerely thank Pure Recycling for this kind donation which has set the fundraising ball in motion. This money will go directly to purchase essential life saving equipment”

For more information about supporting the Ettington First Responder Scheme, please see our donate page.