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Community First Responder Gill Castle

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The following article appeared in the February 2011 edition of the Newbold-on-Stour Village Newsletter

What an amazing member of our village!

Gill voluntarily acts as our Community First Responder (CFR) and has undoubtedly been invaluable in saving lives and helping villagers in their hour of need.

As a CFR, Gill works closely with the West Midlands Ambulance service and (when on call) responds to 999 medical emergency calls in Newbold on Stour and the surrounding area. Gill will be the first on the scene, arriving in those first vital minutes whilst the ambulance is on its way. Gill receives regular training to National Ambulance Standards, to help her assess the situation, monitor the patient(s) and administer emergency first aid until she can hand over to the ambulance crew.

As a CFR, you are required to be on-call for a minimum of 4 hours a week. Gill however volunteers for around 100 hours a week and attended 45 call outs last year. Gill has “always had an interest in First Aid and helping people” and feels that “by giving a few minutes” of her time, she really can make a difference – not only to the patient and but also be a reassuring presence for the anxious partner/parent/carer.

Although Gill is the only CFR, presently, in Newbold, she is part of the charity organisation ‘Ettington Community First Responder Scheme’ which provides a first-response emergency medical service across the Stourdene group of villages. The small team arrange training, provide equipment (each kit costs over £1000), support and counselling for the CFRs. For more information please visit

Interested in becoming a CFR? If you are over 18, reasonably fit, with access to a car and able to be on-call for 4 hours or more a week please visit the website or contact Gill on 01789 450554.

Watch this space for a fundraising event in Newbold soon!