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Ettington CFR Team announces arrival of Scheme Car

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Ettington CFR Team has today acquired a car to enable it to enhance its emergency medical provision across the Stourdene villages.

The vehicle will be used by team members to respond to emergency medical incidents which West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) ask the team to attend. Personal vehicles will still be used where multiple CFRs are on duty at any one time.

The Scheme Car brings a number of advantages such as the high-visibility marking; particularly useful during the hours of darkness. It w ill also be fitted with a digital radio system which will be connected to the WMAS radio network and, through that, directly linked to the WMAS Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). The handsets will be detachable allowing team members to remain The vehicle will also be fitted with a SatNav which will accept the coordinates of the incident location which are conveyed to team members and which are more accurate than the standard postcode system used by conventional SatNav devices. More information on this development will be included on our website in due course.

The car is an ex-WMAS Fast Response Vehicle previously used by the service’s paramedics.

The vehicle has been funded 100% by Ettington CFR Team. As with all our equipment, no funding has been provided by WMAS or any other agency apart from the provision of the radio system which has been kindly provided by WMAS. In addition to the purchase cost itself, the funding for the ongoing costs of the car – servicing, repairs, maintenance, insurance, for example – will all need to come from the team’s funds. These funds are principally raised from donations and fundraising events in the communities within our area of coverage. The car presents a major fundraising challenge; please support our fundraising activities so that we can continue to own and operate this vehicle as well as meeting the operational costs of the other aspects of our service.

Ettington CFR Team is very grateful to the follow ing companies for their incredible support concerning the car:

  • Mediafleet for printing and installing all the graphics for the Scheme Car. This has been a major contribution and has saved the Scheme a significant sum of money.
  • AutoTec who have very kindly offered to supply and fit a Parrot Bluetooth Handsfree system in our car.

If any other companies are prepared to support the car through the provision of services such as servicing, tyres, fuel etc –discounted or at no-charge – we would be delighted to hear from you.

For more information on the Scheme Car or to assist in fundraising, please email us at