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Summary of Ettington CFR Team’s 2011 Callout Statistics

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2011 Callout Statistics

In 2011, we were called to 183 incidents (compared to 106 for 2010). These callouts all arose from ‘999’ calls by members of the public; mostly across the villages in our primary coverage area but occasionally further afield such as Stratford-upon-Avon. In all cases, West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) requested the deployment of one or more of our team members on the basis that each of these calls fell into their life-threatening/serious categories. These alerts were received, and responded to, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

A staggering implication of the 183 calls is that, as a team, we responded to an average of one incident every two days of the year.

We attended a wide-range of medical emergencies including a number of road traffic accidents. Our patients ranged in age from just a few months old to over 80. In order of magnitude, and based on the alerting category assigned by WMAS were; Fall (17%), Breathing Problems (13%), Unconscious/Fainting (10%), Chest Pain (9%), Stroke (6%), Convulsions/Fitting (5%), Cardiac Arrest (4%). Of course, when applied to a total callout of 183, even low percentages translate to quite significant absolute numbers and, indeed, the team attended a significant number of very serious incidents during the year.

All of the team are volunteers and do not receive any payment for being on call or attending incidents. We aim to make our service available 24×7. 45% of our callouts were in the daytime (0700-1800), 36% in the evening (1800-2300) and 19% at night-time (2300-0700).

Gill, one of our team members based in Newbold-on-Stour, attended over 100 of these callouts alone. For more details, please see this post. For a summary of our operation in 2011, including the introduction into service of our team car, please see our end-of-year article written for the village newsletters here.

We are funded entirely by our own fundraising initiatives within the villages that we serve and by application for grants; we receive no funding from the NHS or WMAS. We’ve had another year of tremendous support from the communities that we serve; thank you so much. For full details of all the support that we’ve received, please see previos posts.

Further details of the Ettington CFR Scheme, including the various ways in which you can support us, can be found on our website here.