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Ettington CFR Scheme AGM

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On 26th June 2013, the team held its AGM at Halford Village Hall.

The team made a presentation covering key highlights of the last 12 months, team finances, operational review and a look at the priorities and challenges for the year ahead. The team explained that 2012 has been a very busy year so far with 131 callouts. The team’s five CFRs have provided 3,802 hours of duty-time this year. Looking ahead, the Scheme Coordinator described the two major challenges – and hence the main objectives for the next
12 months:

Funding – Even though w e are a relatively small team, and all our time is provided free-of-charge, it costs about £4,200 per annum to keep the team running. At the AGM, our Treasurer explained where this money goes. She went on to explain that our fundraising and donations have been slightly less this year (compared to last year) and, as result, our expenditure had exceeded our income. To protect our reserves, we need to maintain – and increase – our income. Fundraising places a further overhead on our team’s resources and volunteered time. We are keen to find people who can support our team by
organising fundraising events for us.

Recruitment – Due to pressures of work, three of our First Responders have had to step-down in the last 12 months. Whilst we are fortunate that they are staying with us in a support and fundraising role, the team now has only five First Responders. We need to increase this number in order to maintain coverage and availability. Bearing in mind that it usually takes 12 months from someone expressing an interest to qualifying as a First Responder, recruitment is a priority for the team. If anyone is interested in joining us, please contact us through the website.

To receive a copy of the presentation which was made at the AGM, please contact us. Please credit Ettington Community First Responder Scheme when quoting from presentation. If you would like further details about any aspect of the presentation, or the Scheme in general, please contact us at: