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JH Thorp Peugeot specialists and used car sales comes to the rescue

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With its Ambulance Service radio and high visibility markings the scheme car not only allows us to maintain contact with the Emergency Operations Centre but it helps the following ambulance crew immediately know that they have arrived at the right place – and so plays key roles in our operation.  Unfortunately, two electrical problems recently developed as a result of other faults being resolved and no amount of careful home-diagnostics was able to establish the cause.

We turned to Tim Gibbs, the owner of JH Thorp in Alderminster to ask if his team could help.  He agreed, and with the skills and diagnostic kit to work on any make of modern car, fixing our Ford Mondeo turned out to be straightforward for them.

We are enormously grateful for this especially as the work was done free of charge out of appreciation for what we do.  Thank you, Tim and Team!

Community First Responder Alison Joyner is seen receiving the car back from the Owner of JT Thorp, Tim Gibbs